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Poker Odds Calculator & Tracking.

Anyone who loves to play Texas Holdem can benefit from using this software. It can really do a lot to help you make correct decisions. It analyze your opponents’ moves and odds of current hand. If you are just getting started with Texas Holdem, it’s perfectly suitable to get started with simple and straightforward software like Holdem Indicator.

This software is available online, in both paid and free versions. The free version of this software is limited to “play money” games, and is mainly meant to introduce you to the software’s functionality before you actually commit and spend money. Holdem Indicator is available for purchase for €79. Alternatively, you can get this software for free by signing up to one of their approved poker rooms. Some online poker rooms like Carbon Poker give their players free copy of Holdem Indicator to be used only on their poker tables.

Basically, Holdem Indicator is a software designed to help you improve your skills at Texas Holdem. This tool is feature-rich, allowing you to collect data and analyze it in real-time while playing. While you’re playing, Holdem Indicator will deliver you poker odds, opponent statistics, and betting patterns, all in real-time. You can use this information, which is simply presented in graphs and statistics, to your advantage in a variety of ways. First of all, the odds will help you decide when to raise, call, or fold. Secondly, you can use the data on your opponents’ plays to help analyze their playing style, and predict their reaction in a certain situation.

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The Capabilities

Holdem Indicator is excellent choice for beginners as it provides both poker odds calculation and basic player tracking capabilities in easy to understand package. Of course there is no comparison when it comes to pro tracking software like Holdem Manager. But for the casual player who does not need all the in depth indicators and stats this may be the perfect option.


Holdem Indicator is compatible with more than 300 online poker rooms. This list includes all the most popular rooms. As the name suggests, this software is only compatible with Texas Holdem, although the same company that designed this software offers both a Omaha Indicator and a Stud Indicator with similar features.


There are many different poker tracking and poker calculator software programs out there, so why choose Holdem Indicator? Well, on the positive side, this software is very easy to setup and start using, and even provides you with a detailed PDF instruction manual. It will work flawlessly on Bodog and Bovada poker sites (US players can get free bankroll for Bovada), two sites that generally are not compatible with these types of programs. It also gives you accurate pot odds in real time, and also shows mucked cards right away so you don’t have to dig into your hand history to find them.


On the negative side, this software is rather expensive at €79 or $100+. However, if you take advantage of their generous offer, you can get Holdem Indicator for free simply by signing up and playing at one of their approved poker rooms. Or get it for free from Carbon poker.


In conclusion, Holdem Indicator is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their poker skills and increase their odds of winning at Texas Holdem. However, keep in mind that this software only works with Texas Holdem, so if you’re the kind of player who likes to bounce around from game to game, perhaps this isn’t the best choice for you. The fact that you can get this software for free is very exciting, and one of the main reasons we recommend this product. In our opinion, this software is totally worth the cost of €79, so obviously it’s a steal at the amazing price of FREE!

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