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Odds Calculator, Tracking & Mzones.

Anyone wishing to improve their poker skills and increase their chances of winning tournaments could benefit from using this software. Tournament Indicator may not be meant for novice players, as it may overload new players with too much information. However this tool is much less complicated than poker tracker. Also, note that this software is designed specifically for Texas Hold’em tournaments, so if you prefer other poker games, perhaps you don’t need this software.

Just visit the Tournament Indicator website to try a free trial of the software for 7 days! If you’ve already used the trial or you would like to get a full license immediately, you can either purchase it for €79, or, if you prefer, you can get the full license for the Tournament Indicator software for FREE, by signing up to one of their approved lists of casinos. Basically, you just have to follow their referral link to one of the approved online casinos, sign up, and follow the instructions. Once you have met all the requirements, you will get a code for a FREE lifetime license for Tournament Indicator!

This is a software that helps online poker players improve their game and increase their odds. Designed specifically for Texas Hold’em tournament play, Tournament Indicator gathers data from each hand, and analyzes it in real-time. It profiles your opponents, letting you keep tabs on them and learn their habits. It also uses its built-in poker calculator to calculate the odds of winning any given hand, in real-time. There is also tilt-factor monitoring, which basically keeps track of your opponents’ stack over the past 10 hands, and lets you get a feel for their current psyche. There are tons of other cool features as well, which make this software incredible for regular tournament players.

Download free Tournament Indicator and start winning!

The Capabilities

Tournament Indicator is designed to be as simple as possible to operate. However, since it covers such a vast variety of data, it can be confusing at times. But not to worry – there are detailed instruction manuals and videos included with every copy of this software. You can also learn a lot by simply playing around with the software for a while, until you get the hang of it. If you are confused about anything just watch the videos and your questions should be answered. Basically you are getting three tools. Poker odds calculator, poker tracker (lite version) and Mzone strategy calculator. Especially the Mzones are unique tool which can help you master tournament strategy. On the other hand the poker tracker is somehow lite version comparing to full featured poker tracker like Holdem Manager but can be very educating and simpler especially for people new to poker tracking software.


The creators of this poker software were well aware that there were, and still are, a ton of different online casinos and poker rooms out there. So, instead of making a software that was limited to a handful of casinos, they made TournamentIndicator compatible with more than 300 different online poker rooms! All the most popular sites like Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, 888 Poker, Party Poker, Bodog, etc. are all covered, as well as 300+ other. Plus, the developers of this software are continually increasing the compatibility by releasing patches that add new poker sites.


This is unique poker software tool out there. They patented the Mzone tournament strategy that poker pros successfully use for ages and is second nature for them. It’s real eye opener for poker beginners which many times even with short stack behave like calling stations. Another advantage is that this software is easy to install and start using, and even provides detailed manual and videos. For rookies some of the information may look too much in the beginning but try to install and setup full featured poker tracker and you will understand how simple and effective this piece of software really is.


he only downside to this software that we have identified is that it gives you so much information that sometimes it can be overwhelming. But after using the software for a while, you will start to realize what bits of data and statistics are relevant to each particular situation.


In short, we would recommend this software to anyone who regularly participates in poker tournaments. If you consider yourself to be a player enthusiast, then this software is absolutely essential. If you’re not winning player, this software can certainly help you become one. Overall, Tournament Indicator is an excellent software to help give you an edge over the competition in tournament play.

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