Free Poker Odds Calculator

Unlike many casino games, poker is a game of skill rather than a game of chance. While there are chance elements that factor in to consideration, it is a game where probability and odds rule the roost, and where those that can interpret them can make the most profitable decisions for their game. Knowing when to play aggressively and when to play conservatively can make you a lot of money in poker, and it is usually difficult to ascertain how to play without a command of the probabilities in play at any one time.

With a huge number of variables factoring in to any poker game, calculating these odds mentality is both a significant advantage and a huge arithmetical undertaking. Luckily, there is a solution in the form of free poker odds calculators, which players can use to help inform their judgements about the best possible way to play a given hand. While these tools cannot guarantee you’ll win, they can make assessing the risks and benefits of a particular hand much easier both in sandbox and real-play environments.

What Is A Poker Odds Calculator?

It is a software script that understands the arithmetic of a deck of cards, and is pre-programmed to respond to the ranking order of winning poker hands. As a result, it is often essential to find a poker odds calculator that ties in with the specific game version you are playing, for example Texas Hold’em, because of the variances in rules and winning hands between game versions.

The odds calculator takes the cards that have been dealt and enables players to make instant calculations about their percentage chances of winning in given circumstances. Simply by selecting the cards in play and the flop, players can make the judgement as to what works best for them while assessing their chances of winning the present hand. Where the odds look favourable, players will usually be more inclined to bet up the hand more aggressively for larger winnings – in the reverse, players can use the odds calculator to limit their exposure in hands that might not work so well, making it a particularly useful tool for those competing for real cash.

Benefits of Poker Calculators

- Make Better Decisions: the whole point of odds calculators is to help inform and improve your decision making. Players often sit with what they feel to be a good hand and wonder whether or not there they are in the drivers’ seat. Obviously there is no way to know this as a fact, but by confirming the percentage chance of winning a hand you can make better decisions about how to play for maximum returns. When probability confirms your hunch, you will statistically win on more occasions than not – this makes the poker odds calculator a particularly important tool for making you money.

- Limit Your Losses: by the same token, odds calculators can quickly tell you if you’re barking up the wrong tree, and work by again turning up the percentage chance of a win. Anyone with a hand with a less than 40% chance of winning should consider the merits of staying in versus folding their hand, and in that respect odds calculators can help you save money on hands that you’d probably lose anyway. Cutting bad hands early is a technique that can take some getting used to in poker, but it’s always better than chasing a losing hand for the sake of your pride.

- Develop Better Strategy: when used in the sandbox, practice environment, odds calculators can help you work to define a strategy and better techniques for playing poker profitably. Most players try to develop a strategy they can use for determining when to stand and when to fold, and by making full use of the odds calculator it can become much easier to inform opinions as to the best way to play.


While free poker calculators are extremely useful, players should also take care to remember that they do have their limitations. While these scripts can deliver percentage odds based on probability and chance, they don’t take into account that a 50% hand can lose 100 times in a row before it wins. This is a difficult concept to get your head around, but essentially chance and probability is calculated on the assumption of an infinite number of outcomes in which a 50% hand will statistically win on 50% of occasions. However, remember that the calculator cannot predict when a good hand will lose or when a successful bluff will come off, and so it’s not necessarily the be all and end all when it comes to making your poker decisions.

Furthermore, using an odds calculator takes time, albeit just a few seconds, to calculate the odds. When factored in with decision making and playing time, this can spin games out for a much longer period of time, leading to disrupted play and frustrating yourself and your opponents. So while the free poker calculator is a useful addition to your armoury, it shouldn’t be the final resolution to every decision you make.

How To Get Your Free Poker Odds Calculator

Free odds calculators are available online, and you can download several of the most common calculators from the leading poker rooms that offer them. Odds calculators are often offered as a resource by poker sites to help make the lives of their players that little bit easier, and you will also be able to find a number of free calculators top left of this page which can be used to inform your playing and betting strategy.

Free Poker Odds Calculators

  • - outs and pot odds calculation
    - hand statistics options
    - basic poker tracking abilities
    - can be used only for BetOnline

Best Poker Odds Calculator

Poker Odds Calculator - Holdem IndicatorHoldem

- free trial version is available
- suports over 300 poker rooms
- version for Omaha & Stud available
- live hand odds and pot odds
- poker tracking features
- free version for above poker rooms

Poker Calculator Tips

Calculation of poker odds without use of software is also possible and not everly complicated. Just figure out the number of your outs (cards that will improve your hand), the number of community cards yet to be drawn. Then just multiply the number of outs and the upcoming number of community cards and you will get approximate odds percentage.

There is also browser based odds calculator available also for agems like 2-7 Lowball. You can check it out at Two Dimes and calculate the odds based on dead cards, board and hands dealt.