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Poker Tracking Software.

Most players can benefit greatly from using tracking software like Holdem Manager 2. However, the software is mostly targeted towards professionals, and those who want to improve their skills drastically. It’s also great for anyone who plays quite often, as it’s all about percentages and analyzing data, both old and new. For new players, this software is probably not necessary, at least until you’ve learned the basics of the game.

Holdem Manager 2 is a paid software, which is another reason it is targeted towards pro players. However, if you do not want to buy this software out of pocket, various online casinos and poker rooms such as 888 Poker, Poker Stars, Party Poker, and many others, offer the software as a sign-on bonus when you make a deposit, or at least cover most of the software cost for you. Regardless of how you obtain Holdem Manager 2, we think you will consider the software to be well worth the cost in the long run.

Basically, Holdem Manager 2 is a software designed to improve your skills at Texas Holdem and to gain more information about your opponents.

Use Holdem Manager and improve your odds of winning!

The Capabilities

The software gathers data from your poker room and analyzes it in real-time. In the settings, you can choose which stats you want to highlight and which you don’t. Each hand and play by your opponents is automatically analyzed, and the data is presented to you in an easy-to-understand way. Essentially, this software helps you keep a close eye on your competition, analyzing their moves in real-time, so you can predict how they will react in certain circumstances. For example, one of the many stats that this software gives you is each players “VPIP”, which tells you how often a player voluntarily puts money into the pot. Players with a high VPIP are more likely to go in with bad or so-so hands – a fact which you can use to your advantage.

Additional Options

Holdem Manager 2 is all about improving your odds and giving you the upper hand against your opponents. As the name suggests, this software is only effective while playing Texas Holdem. However, there are optional add-ons available, such as Omaha Tracker, which provides the same kinds of statistics as Holdem Manager, but is optimized for the game of Omaha. There are also various add-ons for Holdem Manager 2 that can improve your game even further.


There are literally hundreds of ways to use this software to your advantage. It does a lot to even the playing field between face-to-face poker games and online games. When you are playing face to face, you can read your opponents faces and plays, and start to analyze their playing style, risk tolerance, etc. When playing online, the only way you can do this is by using software. Plus, Holdem Manager 2 stores so much data that you can almost instantly analyze the styles and habits of each player at a table, giving you a huge advantage.


The only con of Holdem Manager 2 that seems common enough to mention is the fact that it gives you so much info it can be overwhelming at first. When you’re just getting started with the software, it’s a good idea to go into settings and disable some of the stat reporting, just so you can begin to understand everything that’s going on. As you get accustomed to the stats and how to use them, you can start adding in more reporting. Poker pros and those experienced with similar poker software can certainly jump in and enjoy all the features and benefits of this software, but it’s a good idea for new users to start slow and work their way up.


Holdem Manager 2 is excellent poker software that will help you improve your skills and read opponents well. Anybody who is serious about online poker should try this excellent poker tracker..

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