Poker Probabilities

Oct 26th, 2013 Information

Infographic about probabilities in poker. As well as some stats about how popular is poker for real money right now.

Poker Probabilities Infographic

Interesting are also probabilities of receiving certain starting hand. Probability of being dealt pocket aces is 0.45%. If you are playing a game where you play average 50 hands per hour you will get pocket aces each 4.5 hours. Probability of receiving pocket pair is higher with 5.9% – every 25 minutes.

It is always interesting to analyze probabilities of a Bad Beat. Lost hands called Bad Beats present term for poker hand when one player has much stronger hand the opponent makes poor play but gets lucky and wins against the odds. For example if one players has pocket aces and the other one AK offsuit and the second players hits straight or flush that can be considered a bad beat as the player holding the pocket aces is almost 93% favorite to win the hand. On the other hand player with AK offsuit against player with 57 offsuit is just 63% favorite so if he loses he cannot consider it as a bad beat. However the terms is subjective and some players may consider it as bad beat.

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