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With poker being such a popular pursuit for gaming fans worldwide, it’s perhaps no surprise that there are a number of software packages and applications that are designed for use at the poker table. These tend to include applications for monitoring and tracking play, and odds calculators that help predict the outcome of specific hands. While this software cannot play the game for you, there are a number of ways in which it can be helpful to your playing abilities and style and it can certainly contribute towards more successful poker play.

Poker software comes in a variety of different guises and with varying purposes, ranging from the highly specific to the much more general overarching applications. At their core, most systems strive to assist on the statistical side to enable players to plan their game and create a more comprehensive approach to betting and in-game strategy with a view to winning more hands more often. But what specific types of software are available on the market, and what should players be looking to use them for?

Different Types of Poker Software

Poker software comes in a range of different shapes and sizes, all broadly with the aim of making it easier for poker players to track, monitor and improve their success rates in live play. Depending on the nature of the software, it may be more or less suitable for use in real time, but even those that serve only as a training aid can be highly effective for those that are looking to improve their game.

Poker Tracker

One of the most comprehensive applications that can be used are for tracking and analysing poker play data, of which the software PokerTracker is very much a market leader. PokerTracker enables players to track, monitor and make decisions based on analysis of historical hands data. The idea behind PokerTracker is that by charting and analysing the statistics of the game, players can identify patterns, weak spots and other elements of the game they can exploit in future hands to best effect. The sheer amount of data and functions offered by PokerTracker makes it a clear front-runner in the field of poker software, and those most serious about playing their game (including professionals) will find it highly beneficial when adapting and refining gameplay strategy.

While PokerTracker and applications like it are immensely powerful, they can be daunting for new players to explore, and often take time to learn and understand. Because the software is so complicated, it is often not the best tool for making decisions in real-time, and only those that understand the software and how it works intimately can make the best of its many features.

Poker Odds Calculator

A slightly less intense, more lightweight option for those looking to integrate software into their game are poker odds calculators. Poker odds calculators come in a variety of different formats, and are generally designed to execute quick calculations and computations from the card hands available. These programmes are designed to give players a heads up based on the probability that they will win a given hand, and because calculations can be pulled off quickly some calculators can be used in live play to give a running indication of your chances of winning the hand.

Odds calculators work because the odds in poker are so essential to determining how you should bet. If you have what looks to be a good hand and bet aggressively without making assessments of your odds of winning based on the flop, chances are you will lose a little too often for comfort. Having access to odds calculators in real time enables you to make statistically informed judgements that can shape how you bet and play the individual hand – all with a view to helping you cut losses and increase the winnings opportunities that are available to you.

Why Use Poker Software?

All poker software is created with one aim in mind – to give players the chance to better their performance and, with the power of mathematics make more solid decisions about how best to play each hand. It has a number of advantages over human mental capacity that make it the ideal accompaniment to for-money and free poker play.

- Harnass the power of stats: it might sound a little geeky, but having a wide range of statistics and data at your disposal can make all the difference in a standard poker game. Because the game is so mathematically driven, it is often the case that good players are accomplished when it comes to arithmetic and calculating probabilities, and with the help of software these possibilities become much more significant.

- Quicker results: while those that learn the various calculations they need to make can get to a stage where calculating the chances of success in a hand becomes second nature, having access to poker software that runs on a consistent basis in the background can deliver much speedier results, allowing you to make better decisions more quickly – crucial for seizing the initiative during live play.

- Win more often: it might sound a little salesy, but poker software really can help you win more often. When it comes to success in poker play, it’s all about having the right tools – both mental and virtual – at your disposal to identify and exploit chinks in your opponents’ armour. The better prepared you are for taking on the opposition, the better your chances of ultimately profiting from them and walking away from the table a winner.

Where To Find Poker Software

There are a number of applications designed for those that want to use software to improve their game, and often there are free or cost effective packages that can be found online to meet the needs of the most avid poker enthusiast.

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