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As the numbers of poker fans worldwide continue to spiral, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see that so much software is now being developed and marketed to help improve playing results and ultimately deliver greater, more generous winnings. By far the king of all poker applications is the poker tracker, which provides players with a software basis through which they can track, monitor, analyse and decide based on data created from a live game, or historical data over a number of different hands.

Poker trackers tend to be the most powerful software applications available that target poker play, and they can be used both online and offline to deliver better insights and analysis over how best to structure your play. But what exactly do these poker trackers do, and more importantly where can you get your hands on a free poker tracker that does everything you need it to do?

What Is A Poker Tracker?

Poker trackers are designed to keep a note of the data that is generated through your play. As each hand is dealt, tracking the cards that have appeared and how the hand has turned out makes it possible to then draw conclusions about the way you play, the way your opponents play and whether there’s anything in particular that can be done to improve the effectiveness of your game play. While poker trackers can take a while to learn and use, they are often designed to make the process of sharing data as simple as possible, and the conclusions they can help you reach can be priceless.

Poker trackers give players access to a much more comprehensive basis of data and information, which is a significant edge over the competition. As a result, professionals and serious players alike use poker trackers to learn more about their game and to ideally improve their results going forward.

What Can The Poker Tracker Do?

Poker trackers take historical hand data, and allow players to drill much deeper into these statistics through producing a series of automated charts and analysis. With the hand data, which can easily be synced with the poker tracking software, you can establish which hands you were dealt, how many hands you won or lost, and even how many times you were dealt a specific card – if it’s an insight that can benefit your game or give you an edge over an opponent, you can bet that there will be an analysis model for it.

Perhaps one of the most central parts of the poker tracker that makes it worthwhile for using in live play is the HUD, or the Heads Up Display. This overlays the poker game with real time stats and data relative to your opponents, allowing you to see exactly how your opponent plays the game. This data can show how aggressive or otherwise an opponent is, when and how they bet, and even overall success rates so you can get a better feel for each opponent and make informed betting decisions as a result.

Advantages of Poker Trackers

It is a great tool, and even amateur or small stakes players can find it extremely beneficial to have access to specific software as they play. But what are the specific advantages of poker trackers?

- Greater access to statistics: poker trackers are all about statistics, and while hand data is usually available from your online poker room, it can be extremely difficult to interpret without the help of a poker tracker. The poker tracker makes sense of this information, so you can have a much better control over statistics as and when you need them, in order to make the best decisions for your game.

- Identify opponent weaknesses: once you’ve got the data into the system, the fun part starts to begin. Poker trackers can analyse the way and style of your opponents play, and can highlight particular weaknesses or trends in their game. By unlocking this data you can learn a great deal more about how your opponent plays, which allows you to make betting decisions that are customised to each individual opponent. This is ultimately designed to stand you in good stead when the chips are down.

- Refine your strategy: not only does the tracking software analyse your opponents, but it can also analyse you. This is worth its weight in gold when it comes to understanding how you instinctively play the game and identifying flaws and areas for improvement. With an array of data analysis tools at your disposal, poker tracking software makes it much easier to find out where you’re going wrong and to improve and refine your technique for the next hand.

Disadvantages of Poker Trackers

While poker trackers are undoubtedly highly useful, they do have some limitations.

- Doesn’t guarantee you’ll win: no poker software system will ever be able to guarantee that you can win a hand. It’s simply isn’t possible, and many systems market themselves on the basis of being more successful as a result. While this software does work wonders in terms of improving your game, nothing can guarantee a win and players will have to invest even more effort in getting to grips with the software and how it works.

- Information overload: having access to a ton of historical data is extremely helpful, but it can also become too much very quickly. Depending on the number of hands and the specific free poker software you’re using, it may be a case of information overload, making it difficult to see the woods for the trees. It takes time to get into the analysis of data, and often this is time that players don’t have to spare.
That said, these are only minor limitations on the effectiveness of tracking software, which by and large contributes heavily to the improvement of individual playing styles worldwide.

Get A Free Tracker
While the very best solutions on the market are proprietary, paid-for software that cannot be obtained without buying a license, there are a number of free solutions you can use, in addition to a few twists and techniques for securing access to this most important of tools. Aside from the 100% free poker tracking applications out there, there are also free licenses available for customers who sign up and deposit at preferred poker rooms – yet another incentive to choose a prominent poker room for your online play.

Free Poker Tracker

  • FPDB
  • - both Windows & Linux compatible
    - supports all poker variations
    - HUD with live table stats
    - poor customer support

Best Poker Tracking Software

Poker Odds Calculator - Holdem IndicatorHoldem
Manager 2

- download free 30 days trial
- get it free registering and making a deposit at partner poker rooms
- comprehensive hand histories
- full featured live HUD
- Omaha Manager also available
- excellent customer support

Poker Tracker Tips

Make sure the poker tracker is compatible with your favorite poker rooms before you make the choice and start importing your poker hands.

It is important to correctly set up the HUD (Heads Up Display) so that it shows all the important poker stats like "Voluntarily Put Money In The Pot" (VPIP), Pre-Flop Raise (PFR), Aggression Factor (AF) and number of hands played.

Then use the tracker to look for poker tables with weak players so that you can take advantage of them. Make sure to use hand histories, reports and graphs to improve your own game.